Tradition for years…

Select-Fruit is a family-owned business founded in 2013.

From fertile farmlands, to your consumer, we supply the most popular fruits and vegetables that are in high demand. The goods we produce, as well as those produced by local farms we work with, are the result of a modern approach to the production and protection of fruits and vegetables.
We are constantly working to improve our production facilities, as well as to continuously support and motivate local farms to further develop their potential and provide better and more abundant yields.
A complete satisfaction of your consumers is our goal.

Let Select-Fruit be your choice for new business and partnership. We choose the best. We suggest you do the same.

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Service packaging and storage of fruits and vegetables

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Affiliation, trust and continuity

Our story

Select-Fruit is a family-owned business dealing with wholesale and export of fruits and vegetables. The company was founded in 2013. and has continuously expanded ever since, both in capacity and business scope. Ever since the inception, we have focused on the development of production and purchasing of goods. Our goal is close cooperation with both domestic and foreign partners engaged in the procurement of fruits and vegetables.

But that is not the end of the story of our development.
We are planning to enhance partnerships with the Middle East countries, in addition to reinforce our position in the European market.
That’s why the Select-Fruit story is a story of affiliation, trust and continuity.

We are keeping freshness

Cold Storage

The fruits and vegetables we supply are stored according to the latest international standards so that they can reach your consumers as fresh as possible.

Our cold storage has six separate chambers:
• Two Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) chambers with the capacity of 440 tons
• Four chambers with the capacity of 560 tons

Our storage capacity allows us to meet your needs regarding both quality and quantity.

The storage facilities are located in the town of Donji Tavankut.

With us you know what you are buying


The fruits and vegetables we supply go through a strict calibration process.

Our calibrator is capable of sorting fruits and vegetables at the rate of 3 tons per hour.

The AWETA machine for fruits and vegetables grading, sorting and packaging guarantees a reliable and fast sorting and preparation.

As a result, you can count on a prompt delivery of well graded and accurately classified fruits and vegetables from our region.
What benefits do you get from doing business with us?

High quality, classified fruits and vegetables produced according to the latest standards

Our fruits and vegetables are of outstanding quality and are produced to the latest international standards. Our cooperation with local farms is reflected in long-term partnerships and continuous support in the production of high quality fruits and vegetables from our region. With us you can count on high quality, selected and classified fruits and vegetables which will make your consumers come back for more.

A reliable partner with a responsible and professional approach to business

We have suitable facilities for storage, packaging and export of fruits and vegetables. We are running our business in a well planned and carefully organized way to meet your requirements and expectations. Your satisfaction, as well as your consumers, is our ultimate goal.

Long-term cooperation and respecting our agreements

If you are looking for a supplier that can provide a long-term supply of selected, high quality fruits and vegetables, the one that always meets the deadlines and responds to your demands with respect to quantity, Select-Fruit is the company you can rely on.
Call us and make sure you make the right choice for long-term business